i don’t feel like striving for my *failing* business. I dont even know how to take it to another level LOL!annnnddd i don’t feel like working either

lol lol fuck lol


i want to start a fashion blog. you know, to share with people how to live a stylish, awesome life. The idea sounds fascinating, however, there is a little problem. I don’t have an awesome life. I have a shitty life.

there are lots of struggles. i know everyone reading this probably think i’m a crybaby. well. truth is, i can only write down my feelings. because i am not good at speaking up. i don’t even tell people if i am physically sick unless i need their advice or to drive me to the hospital. so if i do verbally tell you things that stress me out, chances are, i need to be driven to the hospital.

ever since 2010 ended,my life basically ended. i’ve been in this place before for so many years. That window of lightness and brightness, the crisp fresh air of 2009-2010 still in my head. i want that year to happen again, although i doubt.

actually things are not so bad. I’m still alive, i can laugh, i can function. my miserable narcissistic mother insult me to no end, and then show a bit of affection, often left me confused.

i’m getting married this year. for a brief moment i felt profoundly happy. but everyone knows i hate planning the wedding. add more some insults and some speech about how we children are unfair, i’d prefer to elope.

maybe to iceland. maybe to wyoming. maybe i want to live by the river, have a vegetable patch, hunting rabbits and live a quiet life. Maybe after that i can quiet down the expectations put on me. and maybe i don’t want a fashion blog after all.



Reblogging again because I think I finally cracked the code of why this simple, completely normal gesture is so. fucking. hot.

  1. Dean being all domestic, having breakfast and coffee in an actual kitchen.
  2. His hair. Enough said.
  3. Bright red plaid.
  4. Second gif. Bulge.
  5. Second gif. Finger licking.
  6. The general sexiness of Jensen Ackles.

In conclusion: DAMN.

in conclusion: DAMN


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Robin William’s death affected me more than i expected.

How much can someone hide their sadness, in return gives happiness to others?How come we did not see his pain?

How can the symbol of happiness is so broken inside, that he decided to end himself?

How can Robin Williams loathe Robin Williams?


I forgave you for the things you’ve said, for the things you’ve done.
But I’ll never forgive you how you made me feel.

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